Edith Rimmington (1902 - 1986)

Edith Rimmington attended the Brighton School of Art (1919– 22) where she met fellow artist Leslie Robert Baxter (1893–1986) whom she married in 1926. She joined the British Surrealist Group on relocating to London from Manchester in 1937, and despite being one of its only female members, became a key figure in the movement – showing works at the Surrealist Objects exhibition at the London Gallery (1937) and the International Surrealist Exhibition at the Galerie Maeght in Paris (1947). 

Much of her work from this time is recognisable for its focus on strange figures and dreams, such as The Oneiroscopist (1947). 

When the British Surrealist Group disbanded in 1947, Rimmington moved increasingly away from painting to explore Surrealist ideas through automatic poetry and experimental photography.

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